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    Here are some good reasons:

    • Here you can find unique information prepared and systemized for you by the ethnic Russians, most of whom have a degree in Russian linguistics.
    • At your service are: the most essential Russian Grammar (on your left), a huge collection of ebuddyfor blackberry playbook and much more stuff to come soon.
    • As it is impossible to learn a language without getting to know the culture of the people who speak it, we have provided you with a large central excise act 1944 pdf free .
    • You can also check our Shopping section in case you're looking for some lovely filme homem de honradublado manuals, dictionaries, fiction, or just interesting facts etc
    • Our website is designed for learners of any level. Beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students will find a lot of useful information
    • Every day, you inevitably learn a new Russian word and idiom, and get informed about the latest Russian news.
    • And last but not least. If you are eager to know something about Russia or Russian that you can't find anywhere else – you are always welcome to visit our forum page. Our resident consultants will gladly advise or inform you on any question.

    We hope you will enjoy being here and visit us every day.

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  • Yours faithfully,
    the RussianLearn team

    Russian News of the Week - Dual Language Article

    Every week we choose one fresh piece of news from Russia and publish the article in Russian with its English translation. All the difficult words are given in bold type and listed in the vocabulary below. This is a great opportunity to read original Russian texts and learn about current events in Russia.
    A Russian court on Thursday began hearings on a $10.7 million lawsuit against the U.S. pop star Madonna, whom claimants allege broke a Russian law prohibiting“gay propaganda”. Российский суд в четверг начал слушания по иску на 10,7 миллионов долларов против американской поп-звезды Мадонны, которая, как утверждают истцы, нарушила российский закон, запрещающий “гей-пропаганду.”
    Social activists filed their lawsuits against Madonna and her concert’s organizers – PMI company. They demand compensation for “moral damage” that the singer inflicted on the religious and city residents altogether by her “open promotion of homosexuality”. Общественники подали свои иски против Мадонны и организаторов её концерта в Санкт-Петербурге – компанию "PMI". Они требуют компенсации за “моральный ущерб”, который певица нанесла верующим и жителям города в целом своим “открытым поощрением гомосексуализма”.